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The Man In the Desert

A man is walking through the desert. He sees and enormously large cliff, and a dead man at the bottom. The dead man is in his underwear and is holding a straw. How did the man die and how did he get there?

Hint #1: The straw in the man’s hand is not a drinking straw, it is a straw of hay.

Hint #2: The man died from falling a great height.

Hint #3: The man walking up to the dead man has nothing to do with the dead man.

Hint #4: If the dead man had not died, three men would be dead.

Hint #5: The man was in some sort of vehicle before he died.

The dead man and his two friends (three people) were flying in a hot air balloon. They were heading down wards and towards the cliff. They threw everything out of the hot air balloon and stripped to their underwear, but it wasn't enough. They decided to draw straws to see who would have to jump out. That poor man lost and had to jump out. His friends floated away to safety.
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