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Sticks of Truth

A man walks into a hotel and the owner is crying because someone has stole his daughter’s ring. The man tells the owner he has a way to get the ring back, and to get everyone staying in the hotel to gather int he lobby. He got some sticks from outside and gave evryone one stick after putting a spell on them. “These sticks are magic. The one who took this man’s ring will be found out, for their stick will grow 2 in. overnight. Keep them with you tonight, and goodbye.” The man comes back the next day and collects everyone’s sticks. He picks up the shortest stick from a woman and she confesses and gives the ring back. Why was it the shortest stick instead of the longest???

The woman that had the shortest stick was it because that night she cut off 2 in., thinking that she would get the ring beacuse her stick would be the same size. Or so she thought.
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