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Chocolate Machines


There are ten chocolate machines numbering 1 throgh 10 and each producing chocolate bars that weigh 1kg. However, there is a faulty machine which is producing 0.1kg more per bar than it should be.


There is one scale in the room that can only be used once to weigh the chocolate bars although a number of combinations is allowed.


How can you identify which machine is faulty?

Put one bar from the first machine on the scale, take two from the second machine, take three from the thrid machine, take four from the fourth machine and so one until such time that you have taken 10 from the 10th machine and placed them on the scale. Depending on which machine is faulty will be determined by the number reflected in the decimal column of your scale. For example -- if the thrid machine is faulty the final number will show 55.3kg's; if the seventh machine is faulty the final number will show 55.7kg's.
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