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dead bodies

there is a little shack in the middle of the woods it has no windows and no doors. there are two dead bodies on the floor. surrounding them is glass, rocks, and water. how did they die?

their fishtank fell over
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There was a green house.

Inside the green house there was a white house

Inside the white house there was a red house.

Inside the red house there were lots of babies.

What is the house?

A watermelon.
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What kind of cheese is made backwards?

What kind of cheese is made backwards?

EDAM cheese (made backwards is edam)
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No Legs Have I To Dance

No legs have I to dance,

No lungs have I to breathe,

No life have I to live or die

And yet I do all three.

What am I?

I am Fire.
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The Dead Man and The Puddle of Water

There is a dead man hanging from the ceiling in a noose with a puddle of water underneath him. The room is a legendary ‘no way in no way out’ room. The noose is too far in the air to jump into. How did the man hang himself?

He stood on a block of ice and put his head through the noose. When the ice was melting we was being hung.
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Mind Bender 12

A singer has twice as mant pants as pairs of shoes in her wardrobe and three-halves as many t-shirts as pants. What is the least number of items she can have in her wardrobe in order to make a different shoes, pants, and T-shirt combinations for each day of the year. (Hint: Try using a tree diagram) Show All work.

Let P=pants

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Two fathers and two sons were fishing at a lake. By noon everyone had caught a fish, so they walked home. When they returned, everyone was overjoyed that three fish were caught. No fish were lost, stolen, or thrown back. Everyone brought their fish all the way home. How can this be if the two fathers and two sons all caught fish?

There was a grandpa(father), a dad(father & son), and a son(son).
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The Real Ones

Inside a bare cave lay two human beings, male and female, both are naked and laying face up on a stone slab. They are dead but well preserved..there is nothing near or inside the cave except the two bodies on the stone slab. There is no writing or figures or any type or markings on the stone table. Just by looking without examination of any other kind, how can you tell they are the original Adam and Eve?

A quick glance at their bellies will reveal they have no navels..they were created..not born.
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How can you?

How can you be behind someone if that person is also behind you?

back to back
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Molly’s World

Your in a place called Molly’s world and there is only one Law. There is a mirror, but no reflection. There is pizza with cheese, but not sausage. There is pepper, but no salt. There is a door, yet no entrance or exit. What is the law?

Everyting in Molly's world must contain double letters in each word.
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