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I can stand on water

I can stand on water, but nor swim or float.

what am I?

A bridge.
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The Answer Is Right in Front of You

The beginning of eternity


The end of time and space


The beginning of every end,


And the end of every place

The letter 'e'.
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What is easy to get in but hard to get out?

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King and the guard

A night shift guard, while on patrol at night, dreams that the king will die in a plane crash. He tells the king so in the morning, but the king tells him not to worry, and flies anyway. When he returns from his trip, he fires the night shift guard. Why does the king fire the night shift guard?

The night shift guard had a dream. He therefore he was sleeping on the job.
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How many am I?

My first is a number, my second another,


And each, I assure you, wil rhyme with the other.


My first you will find is one-fifth of my second,


And trly my whole a long period reckoned.


Yet my first and my seond(nay, think not I cozen),


When added together will make but two dozen.


How many am I?

four score
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The building

What building has more than 13 stories?

A library
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Sticks of Truth

A man walks into a hotel and the owner is crying because someone has stole his daughter’s ring. The man tells the owner he has a way to get the ring back, and to get everyone staying in the hotel to gather int he lobby. He got some sticks from outside and gave evryone one stick after putting a spell on them. “These sticks are magic. The one who took this man’s ring will be found out, for their stick will grow 2 in. overnight. Keep them with you tonight, and goodbye.” The man comes back the next day and collects everyone’s sticks. He picks up the shortest stick from a woman and she confesses and gives the ring back. Why was it the shortest stick instead of the longest???

The woman that had the shortest stick was it because that night she cut off 2 in., thinking that she would get the ring beacuse her stick would be the same size. Or so she thought.
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I give man life

To mankind I am well known,

Throughout the world I have shown,

My destructive power when I act,

Where ever I go I leave only black,

I give man life but take it back,

Nothing is safe when I attack.

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The Real Ones

Inside a bare cave lay two human beings, male and female, both are naked and laying face up on a stone slab. They are dead but well preserved..there is nothing near or inside the cave except the two bodies on the stone slab. There is no writing or figures or any type or markings on the stone table. Just by looking without examination of any other kind, how can you tell they are the original Adam and Eve?

A quick glance at their bellies will reveal they have no navels..they were created..not born.
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The Cleverest Son

An old man once knew he was going to die soon. He called his three sons and explained that there was no way that he could divide his farm in three for them. He gave them each a coin and told them that whoever could fill the room would get the farm. The first son bought a cart of hay. The second son bought a wagon of feathers. The third thought a bit, then went to a small store and bought two small objects, and slipped them in his pocket. The first son could not fill the room. the second couldn’t either. The third son took the objects out of his pocket and they filled the room. What were they?

A candle and a match. They filled the room with light.
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