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What is easy to get in but hard to get out?

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Listen carefully

You heard me before,

Yet you hear me again.

Then I die, ‘Til you call me again

What am I?

An Echo.
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Cell breakout

Two convicts are locked in a cell. There is an unbarred window high up in the cell. No matter if they stand on the bed or one on top of the other they can’t reach the window to escape. They then decide to tunnel out. However, they give up with the tunneling because it will take too long. Finally one of the convicts figures out how to escape from the cell. What is his plan?

His plan is to dig the tunnel and pile up the dirt to climb up to the window to escape.
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Letter Sequence

What is the next letter in this sequence? J,F,M,A,M,J,__?

J. It is the first letter of each month of the year.
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Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue lives alone in a one-storied house. EVERYTHING he has is blue. His grass is blue, his lamps are blue, his clothes are blue, his furniture is blue, his food is blue, his walls are blue, his floors are blue, his garden is blue, his skin is blue! What color is his staircase?

He doesn't have a staircase, because he lives in a one-storied house.
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Four Jolly Men

Four jolly men sat down to play,

And played all night till break of day.

They played for cash and not for fun,

With a separate score for every one.

When it came time to square accounts,

they all had made quite fair amounts.

Now, not one has lost and all have gained -

Tell me now, this can you explain?

The four jolly men are members of an orchestra hired to play at a dance.
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Keep Giving

What is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else?

A promise
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The word ‘FACETIOUSLY’ contains the six vowels

The word ‘FACETIOUSLY’ contains the six vowels, A-E-I-O-U and Y, in their alphabetical order.  Can you find another English word that does the same?

The word is abstemiously. There may be others.
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Nails and Feathers

If you have a pound of nails and a pound of feathers which one weighs more?

There weigh the same because there both are a pound.
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The Real Ones

Inside a bare cave lay two human beings, male and female, both are naked and laying face up on a stone slab. They are dead but well preserved..there is nothing near or inside the cave except the two bodies on the stone slab. There is no writing or figures or any type or markings on the stone table. Just by looking without examination of any other kind, how can you tell they are the original Adam and Eve?

A quick glance at their bellies will reveal they have no navels..they were created..not born.
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