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I can stand on water

I can stand on water, but nor swim or float.

what am I?

A bridge.
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Poor Men

Poor men have me, rich men need me, i’m a force more evil than satan, and more powerful than God. What am I?

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A man once entered a seafood restaurant that guaranteed the freshest food and certain not to make anyone sick. Seeing this, the man decides to eat there. As soon as he finishes his meal he walks outside and immediately he throws up. Why is he sick?

The man was on a boat and got sea-sick.
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Letter Sequence

What is the next letter in this sequence? J,F,M,A,M,J,__?

J. It is the first letter of each month of the year.
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Unlisted numbers

There is a town in California where 5% of all the people living there have unlisted phone numbers. If you selected 100 names at random from the town’s phone directory, on average, how many of these people would have unlisted phone numbers?

None. You will not find unlisted phone numbers in a phone directory
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Kings, Queens, and Who?

One night, a king and a queen went into a castle for 4 days and 3 nights. The king was the first to come out. The Queen was second. Who was the third?

The night(knight)
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Train Journey

Mr. Grumper grumbles about bad time-keeping trains like everybody else. On one particular morning he was justified, though.


The train left on time for the one hour journey and it arrived 5 minutes late. However, Mr. Grumper’s watch showed it to be 3 minutes early, so he adjusted his watch by putting it forward 3 minutes. His watch kept time during the day, and on the return journey in the evening the train started on time, according to his watch, and arrived on time, according to the station clock.


If the train traveled 25 percent faster on the return journey than it did on the morning journey, was the station clock fast or slow, and by how much?

The station clock is 3 minutes fast. The morning journey took 65 minutes, and the evening journey therefore took 52 minutes, and the train arrived 57 minutes after it should have left, that is, 3 minutes early.
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Crack me up

you have 7 crackers on the table and you take away three of them. How many crackers do you now have?

3- you took three of them
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The Cleverest Son

An old man once knew he was going to die soon. He called his three sons and explained that there was no way that he could divide his farm in three for them. He gave them each a coin and told them that whoever could fill the room would get the farm. The first son bought a cart of hay. The second son bought a wagon of feathers. The third thought a bit, then went to a small store and bought two small objects, and slipped them in his pocket. The first son could not fill the room. the second couldn’t either. The third son took the objects out of his pocket and they filled the room. What were they?

A candle and a match. They filled the room with light.
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Wanted and Not Wanted

The man who made it doesn’t want it,
The man who bought it doesn’t need it,
The man who needs it doesn’t know it.
What am I?

Its a coffin, the who needs it is dead and doesn't know what it is, the man who bought it isn't dead yet and doesn't need it, and the man who made it doesn't need or want it.
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