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In: Miscellaneous Riddles

around the world

What travels around the world, but stays in one corner?

In: Logic Riddles

Smart moves

A vicious dog was tied to a tree with a five meter rope. Khaled wanted to go back to his car, but the car was only two meters away from…

In: Logic Riddles


Two fathers and two sons were fishing at a lake. By noon everyone had caught a fish, so they walked home. When they returned, everyone was overjoyed that three fish…

In: Miscellaneous Riddles

the wizard

A 6-foot tall wizard held a water glass above his head.He dropped it to the floor, and no water came out. How did this happen??

In: Logic Riddles

The Decesion

You only have one match, and your electricy and heat are out of order, you have a kerosine heater, a fireplace, and a kerosine lamp. What do you lite first?


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