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These fun riddles and brain teasers can be about anything.
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I am a... Can you guess who (or what) the riddles refer to?
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Riddles and brain teasers that are all about letters and words.
In: Logic Riddles


there is a man named joe. He and his horse went to stay in a hotel and he left to the hotel on monday. He stayed at the hotel with…

In: Logic Riddles

Cold Room

You are in a cold dark room with only 1 match. You have a candle, an oil lamp, and a oil heater. What would you light first?

In: Miscellaneous Riddles

How can I die before I was born?

There was once a man who was born in 1986. The man died in 1985. When the man died he 77 years old. How can this be?

In: What Am I? Riddles

Take you there

I’m sometimes white, Although sometimes I’m black. I take you there, But never bring you back. What am I?

In: Logic Riddles

King and the guard

A night shift guard, while on patrol at night, dreams that the king will die in a plane crash. He tells the king so in the morning, but the king…


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